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The wind rises and the mountains rise

The wind rises and the mountains rise

The wind rises and the mountains rise

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    The wind rises and the mountains rise
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    Xichuang pear flower
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    52weixin Books
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2022-03-16 18:39:18
One day, the four princesses of Tiansha's lonely life got into trouble with the Huainan Marquis of the stars and the moon. They thought it was a sudden disaster, but they didn't want to commit peach blossom all the way from now on!!! The most hateful thing is that the Huainan Hou did the job of fanning the flames as if he had nothing to do with himself! Luo nettle has a big head. In other words, Shen Juan, the handsome son of Huainan, knew the four princesses, so he was a little less cold and a little more poisonous. He thought he was in control, but he unknowingly became the emotional person. However, the tease of fate buried Luo nettle's hot heart in the marriage of two interests collusion. And the third prince who has been accompanying Luo urtian is ready to move. This time, he can't let go!

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