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Concubine: Prince Dumiao, he spends money like dirt

Concubine: Prince Dumiao, he spends money like dirt

Concubine: Prince Dumiao, he spends money like dirt

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    Concubine: Prince Dumiao, he spends money like dirt
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2022-07-03 05:51:20
Wang Ye, the "only seedling" of the Yuxiao emperor, is evil and crazy, and looks like a "mess" he doesn't like excitement and politics, and only likes to travel around the mountains and rivers it's better to say that he spends money like earth, or that he has no place to spend money. Anyway, he just likes to buy a house. He will buy everything in a stack of silver tickets because he is in a good mood passing by. why: I want to "stay" for a while when I'm tired and this time, What a coincidence. The place where he wanted to "live" happened to be doctor Gu's "next door" fate. It was such a coincidence that he became a natural "coincidence" his handsome cheeks were carved and his body was as tall and straight as loose, Leng Yanling looks down at a woman who is one head shorter than herself. Her eyes are deep and quiet. Her waist is like a willow branch and her skin is like congealing fat. "You are prince Xiao!" Thick eyebrows, curved eyes and deep eyes Xiao Yanling's heart fell at this moment "yes!" There is no cover up or concealment the corners of the fox's eyes are full of interest, like looking at a "rare treasure" Gu Wushuang didn't expect this "master" to be so excellent. As expected, seeing is better than hearing. does curiosity kill the "cat" There can still be a turnaround. For example, the "Keren" in front of her is very worth putting down her "knife" and standing in pairs Xiao Yanling: Gu Wushuang My Lord has a crush on you Gu Wushuang: she took over the man who loves "house"

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