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I m addicted to paranoid years

I m addicted to paranoid years

I m addicted to paranoid years

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    I m addicted to paranoid years
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    Eat durian
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    Woske Novel
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2022-03-11 17:33:12
[cookies ยท sister brother love] Lou Mian extremely contradictory individuals, afraid of marriage and inexplicably confident, feel single-minded, and travel in the love world with the psychology of never getting married. As a result, they... Play off - a few years ago, Lou Mian felt bored with online love for more than a month. Lou Mian thought: it won't happen anyway. Breaking up is a stranger all his life. There's nothing to be embarrassed about. Just talk if you want to talk, and ignore it if you don't want to talk ~ a few years later, Lou Mian and his blind date united front, pretended to be in love, visited each other's family, and behaved gently after entering the door, Warm like a true love the blind date's mother: "a little thirsty." Lou Mian: "aunt, I'll pour you tea!" the blind date's father: "this wine is really good." Lou Mian: "uncle, I happen to have it. I'll bring it to you next time!" the blind date's nephew said, "sister... My school is very close to your home. Can I ask you for help if you have anything?" Lou Mian looked at his expression of innocent expectation, nodded without hesitation and patted his chest: "no problem, anything can be solved with me!" - since then, Lou Mian has been stupid this simple nephew is big enough to rub rice and small enough to use nail clippers. Anyway, as long as it's a matter, he will run to her. I'm afraid it's not... There's a problem with his self-care ability the simple nephew who knew her mind shook his head, indicating that he had no problem. But when Lou Mian turned behind him, the corner of his mouth slightly recalled and said silently, "my sister is still so cute."

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