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I adopted the prince of heaven

I adopted the prince of heaven

I adopted the prince of heaven

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    I adopted the prince of heaven
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    Li yuerou
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    Health Books
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2022-05-16 22:19:51
The crown prince of heaven, Dalong, comes to the lower world in a hurry because of his escape from marriage. He is bumping into the unlucky Bao Xiaosong who has just lost his job and boyfriend Bao Xiaosong: I'm Bao Xiaosong. Did I pick up a handsome guy? Just pretend to be a boyfriend to deal with my mother's weekend job inspection Dalong: this woman's brain is not very good. She can just hide in the world as a cover Xiao congbao and the crown prince of heaven opened a happy and embarrassing cohabitation life Bao Xiaosong: what? It's a light comedy of love. Why do you need me to save the world? Wrong script Dalong: Yes, yes, you are the female leader. Naturally, you have to bear the responsibility that the female leader should bear Bao Xiaosong: you are still the man Dalong (cheeky): look at the female masters of others. They are so smart and capable. They kill demons and Demons all the way and grow up! Why are you so counselled... Bao Xiaosong: Yes! I am counsellor! copy, see how little counsellor saves the world by crying his nose.