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Little green plum, she s hard to turn

Little green plum, she s hard to turn

Little green plum, she s hard to turn

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    Little green plum, she s hard to turn
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    Deep mountain baiding
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2022-05-10 10:09:40
Introduction: [sweet! No abuse, if there is one, it is also a love enemy of abusing dregs and dogs] before rebirth, the noble white peony said to her, "don't be soft hearted. Ruan Yu has evil intentions and is not a good thing at first sight." Xia Jin nodded like mashing garlic, "well, I will never pay attention to him." after rebirth, Xia Jinyi's eyes seemed to have been washed, and she found that the holy white peony beside her was a fake! Even if you play with her as a monkey and take her as a foil, you have ruined her family and ended up in a bad end Xia Jin rolled up his sleeves one by one, "the tiger is not powerful. Are you a sick cat when your sister?" Ruan · performance · Yu: "just stand back one by one and crush the grasshopper." Xia Jinyi: "get out!" A curse scenario 1: Ruan Huyu Yu: "one by one, we are born at the same time, and we should die at the same time..." Xia Jinyi: "... Do you want to worship me?" scenario 2: Ruan Congxin Yu: "well, look, what bureau of the people seems to be working today." Xia Jinyi: "none of my business?" Ruan counsellor Yu held the household register and information in his pocket in one hand and dragged the person in the other, "go and see if they lack floor sweepers." [the person in front is cold and precious, white and black, the person behind is pitiful and helpless, and counsels x the person in front is soft and cute and can be bullied as a foil, and the person behind abuses you without discussion]